I stayed up nights imagining what my game’s release would be like. I did what many indie developers do and counted the sales I hadn’t made yet. I just could not wait to see what would happen… and it did happen! My game launched, and things went extraordinarily well all things considered. I put myself out there for everybody to critique, and I have just been floored with most of the reviews in a positive way. Sales are lukewarm, but I have a lot to be grateful for considering the niche this title fills. The fact that anybody would pay money for this short story and like it is still a small miracle to me. Thank you everybody for your thoughts and words.

Engadget published an interview with me where I go into my intentions in creating Home is Where One Starts…. I thought some of you might be interested in that. There have also been tons of well-thought-out and positive reviews that I will have to post here shortly. I think I will make a new trailer soon highlighting what the press has said. I will probably update the game soon with some small additions like Steam Trading Cards and bug fixes. Luckily there only a handful of small performance issues with certain people, so I am proof that you can release a game commercially without having a hundred people beta test it! I only had a dozen of my friends try it out and that was sufficient for such a small game.

I may write a postmortem on Gamasutra about what this game dev experience has been like, but I’ll say one thing I learned: I should’ve made the game longer! I thought the world wanted short-film like experiences that were self-contained and could be finished in less than 30 minutes. As I’ve gotten older and more disinterested in repetitive, grinding action titles, I’ve found myself with less time and more of a desire to play shorter self-contained games with meaningful stories. Almost everyone that’s talked about this game wanted it to be longer, which honestly is a huge compliment and something I’ve thought about at length.

Thank you again to the people who’ve contacted me or taken the time to write or post about my game in some form. I think I’ve read everything review or comment out there, and it just makes me excited for the storytelling possibilities in this medium. Until next time.