Progress II

Being Greenlit is something I never expected, and it’s given me a huge boost in productivity and motivation. It’s amazing looking around the Steamworks interface and feeling like a real partner with Valve, which is a company I’ve always admired (and hope to work for one day). By some miracle, I have Steam Achievements working which is pretty fun (all thanks to the talented developers at Steamworks.NET who release their wrapper for free). The Oculus Rift integration is proving to be a challenge, but I’m confident it will be available in beta form on release day. I’m also thinking of pushing the Mac release until after the initial Windows launch, mostly because it’s such a small niche and it will be difficult to get Steam Achievements working on the Mac build.

Most important for a game like this, the first draft of writing is almost done, and I’ll be recording the dialogue in the next couple weeks. Writing really scares me, but if I can leave most of the storytelling work to the environment, I think it will accentuate the world the player explores, and won’t make it too sentimental or pretentious. Much like the film The Tree of Life, Home is Where One Starts… won’t focus on plot progression as much as a feeling the story world exudes. It will be non-linear, and much of the plot progression will have to be inferred (especially through secret areas of interest and the environment).

Another small thing… to better capture the spirit of the title, I decided to add an ellipsis to the end of Home is Where One Starts…. It’s an unfinished sentence anyway, and I always liked the idea of games being about choice. Home is where one starts… doing what? That is up to the player to decide, and I think this addition helps that idea.

After copious testing and rewriting, the game should be available early summer (probably before June 1st). Thanks again for your support and for caring.