Thank you

Thank you for taking an interest in my modest blog about my modest game, Home Is Where One Starts. This is something I’ve very excited to share with the world, and it’s been a gigantic learning experience since this is my first game. I grew up making mods and maps for games like 1997’s Jedi Knight (which still has an active community amazingly), but that was a long time ago. Making this game has reminded me why I loved it so much as a kid.

So much can change in the tumultuous creative process (which is what makes it so compelling in my opinion), but here are some tidbits on my game so far:

  • It will be a first-person exploration game centered around a simple narrative.
  • It will be short (15-20 minutes).
  • I’m creating it using Unity Free and a variety of plugins and asset packs.
  • It will probably be very inexpensive or name-your-own-price.

I love games, and I am excited to share more with all of you concerning this project. If I inspire, even microscopically, another person because of this game, the hundreds of hours I’ve spent will have been worth it. We’ll talk again soon.